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Security Services

We are committed to delivering high-quality security guard services tailored to your specific needs, ensuring the utmost professionalism and reliability, available 24/7, across the entirety of the United Kingdom.

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Your Safety, Our Priority; Security Beyond Measure

We Offer A Full Range Tailored Security Services Bespoke To Your Requirements.

 Please Feel Free To Contact Our Team For More Information.

Door Supervision & Security

Elevate the security and hospitality of your establishment with our professional and experienced doormen.

Our dedicated team is committed to creating a welcoming and secure atmosphere for your guests, ensuring a seamless and pleasant experience from the moment they arrive. Trust us to provide a courteous and vigilant presence, enhancing the prestige of your property.


Explore the difference a reliable doorman can make – choose SSUK Security for unparalleled service and peace of mind.

Event and Crowd Management

Your vision, our expertise - the perfect partnership for crowd management excellence.


Hosting a large-scale event? Ensure its success with our experienced and highly-trained crowd management team. From concerts and festivals to corporate gatherings, we specialize in maintaining order and enhancing safety, allowing you to focus on creating unforgettable experiences for your attendees. Our dedicated professionals excel in strategic crowd control, ensuring smooth flow, and prioritizing the safety and enjoyment of everyone present.

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Residential Security 

Elevate the safety and tranquillity of your home with our expert security guard services. Our highly trained and professional security guards are committed to providing a vigilant and protective presence, offering you and your family peace of mind around the clock. From perimeter patrols to CCTV surveillance, we tailor our services to meet the unique needs of your residential space. 


Discover the difference in residential protection – choose SSUK Security for a safeguarded haven that you can truly call home.

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Corporate and Commercial 

Where excellence meets security in the corporate and commercial world. At SSUK Security, we provide robust security services tailored to the unique needs of corporate and commercial environments. Elevate the safety and integrity of your business with our expert team, dedicated to delivering a comprehensive range of security solutions.

Our corporate and commercial security services encompass cutting-edge technology, strategic planning, and a highly trained team to safeguard your assets, personnel, and confidential information. From access control systems to 24/7 monitoring, we ensure a secure environment that aligns with the highest industry standards.

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Retail Security 

At SSUK Security, we understand the unique challenges faced by the retail industry, and we're here to fortify your business with top-notch security solutions. Our team of experienced professionals specializes in tailoring security measures to meet the specific needs of your retail environment.

From advanced CCTV surveillance to proactive loss prevention strategies, we provide a comprehensive security package designed to safeguard your merchandise, customers, and staff. Our proven track record includes successful partnerships with a variety of retail businesses, making us a trusted choice for enhancing security in diverse retail settings.

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CCTV Operator 

Whether you're in education, hospitality, corporate, or any other industry, we've got you covered. Our skilled CCTV operators are equipped to monitor and manage surveillance systems, ensuring a watchful eye on your premises at all times.

At SSUK Security, we pride ourselves on our ability to cater to diverse industries, providing customized CCTV solutions that meet the unique security needs of each client. With experience spanning various sectors, our CCTV operators are adept at maintaining a vigilant watch, detecting and responding to potential security issues promptly.

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Campus Security

SSUK Security is the trusted choice for comprehensive 24/7 campus security services. Secure your campus environment with our dedicated team of security guards who are experienced in safeguarding campuses around the clock. As a proven provider of university security, including esteemed institutions like De Montfort, we bring a wealth of expertise to ensure the safety and well-being of your academic community.

Our security guards are meticulously trained to handle a range of situations, from access control to emergency response. Join the ranks of satisfied institutions that trust us to deliver reliable campus security solutions.

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